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Iphone Games Apps Top Ten Top 10 Paid Free

The iPhone is arguably the best smart phone in the market today. Hosted by AT&T, Apple’s iPhone is home to more than 80,000 different applications. According to edge-online.com, there are more than 21,000 different games available on the iPhone. The reason that many users find the iPhone much more appealing than others is because of the size of the app store.

A new iPhone owner may have a lot of questions immediately after purchase such as what type of apps to get. There are many different paid and free apps to choose from in the app store. One of the most popular paid games is Doodle Jump. It is a very addicting game in which you control a cute, little “doodle” and make your way up as high as you can by jumping on platforms, with power-ups along the way such as springs, trampolines, and jet packs. This game only costs one dollar and is one of the most popular apps among iPhone owners. However, if you don’t want to spend a dollar for this app, the alternative is Papi Jump. This game is very similar to Doodle Jump, but it just lacks the extras. Papi Jump may seem a bit bland compared to someone who plays Doodle Jump, but it’s free, so there’s no downside.

Another popular app that has soared to the top of the charts is Angry Birds. This app is the #1 paid app in over 40 different countries! It has over one hundred levels that make it fun to play for hours. The objective is to destroy the forts set up by the enemy. You are given a set amount of birds at the start of each level that may each have a different characteristic such as one that is faster or even drops bombs. Some also describe this game as strategy-based, but it’s a great game to play over and over to try to beat the scores set by you or your friends.

Some other notable, popular apps are Tetris, Plants vs. Zombies, Flick Fishing, or Traffic Rush. There is also a wide-variety of role-playing games that involve a lengthy campaign for hours of game play. Also, most of the apps are quite cheap compared to console games at the store so a couple bucks here and there isn’t that bad of a deal when it comes to buying apps for your iPhone. So, whether you want a racing game like Need for Speed: Shift or a relaxed game such as Let’s golf!, they are all available in the app store.

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