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Iphone App Reviews Super Turbo Action Pig

Super Turbo Action Pig is a game app for the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. It was created by Joystick generals and is free. This app lets you fly a pick with a rock pack through a series of traps such as meat cleavers and buzz saws. This is something that is different in feel if not in actual from the other games in the to find in the itunes app store and this does it a great job of capturing an interesting and unique feel.

There are a few parts of any game, the game play is of course the most important one, but often especially small game designers miss the other part which is the feel, or often worse they assume that graphics and feel are the same. This game has excellent graphics but the feel is not simply because of the graphics. It is the sound, the use of the controls and everything else that makes the feel of this so much fun.

When you start this app you will begin by seeing a short scene that explains who the enemy is. You then begin to fly through the level. It begins reasonably easy with a few weapons that sit in the air. As you advance the number of weapons on the screen increases and rocket are occasionally shot as well making the game more difficult quickly.

The graphics and sound of this app are very good for the iphone with everything looking like something that could come out of a major cartoon studio. You can listen to your own music while using this app which is good because this is a game that I can see playing quite a while and listening to music.

The greatest weakness of this app is that it is a fail once game. This means that if you make even a single error you have to start over again. This makes for a game that can be very frustrating especially at the beginning and I wish there were a health system that let you miss a couple times before the game ended.

This is a game which is a lot of fun from the beginning and yet never becomes overly complex. You can tap the screen to fly or even almost hover and that you don’t have to worry about falling of the bottom of the screen makes it quite a bit more fun.

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