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Iphone App Reviews Samurai way of the Warrior

Samurai Way of the Warrior is a action style game app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was created by Mad Finger Games and costs 1.99 for the full version though you can practice in the dojo and play the first level for free. This app lets you fight as a samurai using a variety of different swipe gestures. This is something that is good to find in the iTunes app store and this does it well though actually doing the move you want isn’t always easy.

Ninjas may get all the fame and prestige but the truth is that the if you wanted a soldier, or a warrior someone who could stand up in a fight you didn’t go to a ninja you went to a Samurai, because the truth is that Ninjas were assassins who won a fight by their enemy not knowing they were there. And so it is nice to see a game in which you can play as one of the more noble warriors, and yet it doesn’t tone down the violence of the way of the warrior.

When you open this app you will begin by having only a few moves but there are also not all that many enemies. The amount of the screen you can see isn’t all that big but controlling your character isn’t bad. Touching the screen allows you to move and attack easily enough. You can attack with a variety of move such as slashing left then right or right then left or other varieties. Do them well and you will can actually cut your opponent in half.

The graphics and sound of this app are good for the iPhone. You can not listen to your own music while using this app.

The controls of this app are interesting but it is a bit hard to actually do the move you want. This is understandable and I suspect that you can with some practice you would get better but it still takes some time.

The greatest weakness of this app is that it is very to see very far and this is a bloody game so you won’t want to allow kids or anyone who doesn’t want to see people cut in half to try but it is still enjoyable.

This app gets four out of five stars because it is an excellent arcade style game but it could still use some improvements.

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