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Iphone App Reviews Pip

Have you wanted to play a game that involves the use of dice and you didn’t have any dice lying around? If this has happened to you on more than one occasion, it’s time to download Pip, a dice simulator app from the App Store. Pip is inexpensive and you can use it again and again, and with the great graphics and simulation, you won’t need to look for dice ever again.

Pip has some of the most realistic dice graphics I have seen for sale in the App Store. Generally, other comparable apps will have similar graphics, but the developers of Pip have outdone themselves. The numbers on each side of the die are clear. The background has a “mirror” finish which shows off the dice and the technologically advanced graphics. However, there are some rough edges when the dice are moving.

I have used Pip in various games, such as Yahtzee and Monopoly, but I also find Pip to be useful whenever I want to make a random decision about something. There is also a “naturalness” that comes with “throwing” the dice. It does not feel unnatural at all to tap and touch the dice to make them move. However, it might also be useful to make a more natural movement when throwing the dice. For example, the developers might think about flicking the device in order to throw the dice. This would make the throw seem more natural.

The simplicity of Pip, however, does not warrant the $2.99 price tag that comes with it. Instead, the price should be decreased, or more features should be added. It is great that the developers are honest in saying what the app does not include on their product description. Perhaps they are one of the few developers who actually will vouchsafe for the integrity of their product. However, even the great graphics and simulated dice throw of Pip does not need a $2.99 price tag.

All in all, if you are looking for a simple way to keep a few dice on hand when you need them, then Pip is a great choice. You have a variety of dice from which to choose, including polyhedrons. You will also enjoy the graphics and the great simulation that comes with throwing virtual dice and not losing them. I highly recommend Pip if you are looking for an app that simply delivers.

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