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Iphone App Reviews Papijump

PapiJump is a remarkably simple app, but nonetheless it is a lot of fun – especially for the price! PapiJump can be found in Apple’s App store for free. This enjoyable game is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

PapiJump consists of tilting your iPod Touch or iPhone back and forth so that the jumping Mr. Papi can make his way up the green blocks. However, if Mr. Papi misses one of the green blocks and falls to his death, then the game is over. The higher up that you can get Mr. Papi, the higher your score becomes.

Apart from the basic game itself, PapiJump also boasts some other features. For example, if you achieve a certain high score, then you can unlock other game modes. Examples of these extra levels include “Fall” mode and “Enemy” mode. There is also a high score feature where you can view the most recent scores set in the game. If you have a wireless internet connection, then you can choose to upload your best high score to the leader-board so that it can compared against other global scores. This is a very cool feature – especially if you are a competitive person. However, you can only save a few recent scores locally. Eventually, the scores start cycling off and disappearing. Also, keep in mind that you only have 24 hours to upload one of your scores after you’ve set it. After that amount of time, it expires. This is the only problem that exists with the game – if this feature could be expanded and save more scores for a longer amount of time, then PapiJump could be even better!

The simplicity of PapiJump makes it a great game to play if you just want to be entertained without getting too involved. Whether you’re waiting on something or just want a quick game, PapiJump is a good idea. With PapiJump on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you may never be bored again.

Comparing PapiJump to other free games, it should be obvious why it is so popular. PapiJump is not a lite version or a watered-down version of an app, it is an actual, full version. So, in the end, PapiJump has a lot of bang for it’s buck (or it’s lack of buck)!

Out of five stars, PapiJump receives four and a half stars. This game is fun, simple, and free. However, there are a couple little things that could be improved with this game, such as the high scores element. But, for a free app, PapiJump is very entertaining!

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