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Iphone App Reviews Miso Social TV

Miso social Tv is a social networking app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was created by

n go inc. and free. This app lets you mark what TV shows you are watching and when and earn badges as well as see comments by other people who have watched it. This is something that is not easy to find in the iTunes app store and this does it well though I do kind of wonder why anyone would bother.

I work on a base assumption in my life that perhaps I take a bit too far. That assumption is that no one cares about what I’m doing. No one cares what I eat for breakfast, no one cares what I’m watching on TV and no one really needs to hear my thoughts. This makes me a rare contributor to Facebook and it makes programs like miso very difficult for me to become interested in since its main value, so far as I can see is to embarrass me because I watch too much TV and now my friends could find out about it.

When you open this app you will begin by seeing what you and your friends have been checking in on. This is the one part I could see as if someone actually wants to check in on Miso to see what I’ve been watching they would be welcome to do so. The next is recently trending TV this is where I have found the most value as it gives me some good ideas of what is interesting to watch. Since I don’t do commercials any longer this has some value to me.

The graphics and sound of this app are fine for the iPhone. You can listen to your own music while using this app though if you’re listening to music it seems you’re probably not watching TV which defeats the purpose of this app.

The greatest weakness of this app is that you are giving away personal information for free and while this may seem like a minor privacy concern it is still something that should be considered.

This app gets three out of five stars because while it is probably better than putting the same information on facebook the truth is that we don’t need to have more people telling everyone every detail of their mundane lives and that you can get a badge for doing so doesn’t really help.

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