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Iphone App Reviews me want Bamboo

Me Want Bamboo is a platform jumping game app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was created by Camigo Media LLC and is free. This app lets you jump, double jump, use a boost and . This is something that is possible to find in the iTunes app store but the flavor and the style of the game make it feel different than most of those others especially when you discover you are gaining levels.

I appropriate a game that has bonuses that you can earn in the game and it hardly matters what it is. You can give me bonus levels, new power ups, different skins or anything else. But there is one issue that can be a problem. That is when you make it difficult to get, and do not tell me that you are going to give it to me because if the game is marginally good it is very possible that I am going to stop playing it before I discover that you have something to add to it. Me Want Bamboo almost did that as I did not know there were levels and had actually stopped playing then decided to try one more thing when I gained the first ‘level’ which allows you to use the boost twice, an important bonus because a single boost is not that useful but two help a lot because the ability to jump is exponentially better if you use two.

When you open this app you will begin by having only one level unlocked and be able to do only one boost. You are running along the great wall but there are breaks on it. You need to jump over those. As you go you will see small scrolls these give you boosts. You can only have one. Once you get 150,000 points you will open the next level, but you can also gain levels as you advance which will let you do use the boost more times.

The graphics and sound of this app are average for the iPhone. You can listen to your own music while using this app. The controls of this app are OK but a bit frustrating.

The greatest weakness of this app is that it encourages you, and even gives you power ups that throw you into the air but gives you no real control on where you land so you end up falling off the edge too easily.

This app gets three out of five stars.

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