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Iphone App Reviews Gemlogic

Gemlogic is basically similar to the famous game Bejeweled. If you like Bejeweled, you will also like Gemlogic. However, just because the full version costs only $1.99, you should not have high expectations for this game. If you want graphics like Bejeweled, and if you want smooth gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours, then look elsewhere. Although Gemlogic is a good game, I would say that it would only keep you interested for less than 30 minutes.

As a big fan of anything having to do with matching three like objects, I love playing Bejeweled. I know that there is an app version, but I wanted to try something new. So, I went with Gemlogic. At first it seemed like one of those apps that you really need to think about before you buy it, even though it only costs $1.99. So, first I tried the free version. The free version is exactly like the full version, except that you can only play 10 levels.

It was easy to download and I restarted my iPhone, to lessen the chance of the game crashing while I am playing it. Upon first looking at the first screen, I was a little disappointed. The graphics are fine for a $1.99 game, but I was still slightly disappointed. I distinctly remembered all those bright, gleaming gems on Bejeweled, and when those were compared to these, I was disappointed. At any rate, the best feature that this game has to offer is the player’s ability to customize the game. The player can make the grid of gems as big as she wants or as little as she wants. However, does this make the game worthwhile?

Not really. I do not think that, even with the free version, I will be playing this game for long. It will keep me entertained for a few minutes, while I’m sitting on a bus or waiting in line, but I cannot play it for very long. There are better apps that I could find on my iPhone, and I don’t have to be disappointed with the graphics.

However, gameplay is pretty smooth. I can move the gems when I want to, in the locations that I want to. So, all is not lost with this game. If only there were other, more exciting features – I think that this game could really make its price worthwhile, if that was the case.

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