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Iphone App Reviews Flashlight

Having owned an Ipod for years I have used it as a guide through dark places many times. The light from the screen is actually bright enough to allow you to see a sidewalk as you walk from your car to your house in the middle of the night and yet there has always been a problem. That problem is that unless you want to set your ipod to leave the backlight on all the time and drain your battery quite quickly you have to constantly fiddle with it. This means that walking across a room is fine with it but not much else.

There are several flashlight apps for the Ipod touch and Iphone which gives you more versatility than that. The free Flashlight. (with the .) by John Haney Software is the simplest and simply turns your screen white. If all you want is an emergency light this works well enough. If you want something with a little more complexity you can get the original Flashlight app by exactmagic. This does the same thing as the free flashlight. But has quite a few more options most of them are simply fun but for ninety nine cents what do you really expect. The first thing is that you can change the bulb type. You do this by tapping the screen twice. This gives you a variety of colors and types of light. In addition to this you can adjust the brightness which allows you to use it for a far wider variety of things.

The possibilities for this flashlight are nearly endless with the adjustments and they are more important than you might think. A red light for example will help you to keep your night vision. This is good if you are doing something outside and don’t want to have to use the light constantly but occasionally need to be able to see and of course yellow and blue are both a little softer.

For most people the free flashlight that can sit on your app screen and wait for the next power outage is likely more than enough but since you are carting around your iphone or ipod touch anyway why not make it a practical tool that will allow you to show it off to your friends and make them jealous of your new toy after all that is half the reason to buy an iphone anyway.

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