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Iphone App Reviews Escape from Nom

Escape from Nom is a puzzle game app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was created by Glu Games Mobile Inc and is free through the free app a day program though there are still in game purchases for levels which makes me wonder if they made people who paid for it still buy the other worlds because if so that would annoy me. This app lets you drop a colored nom from the top of the screen and using paint and platforms bounce it into the pool of color at the bottom. This is something that is different than anything I have found in the iTunes app store and this does it quite well though at points the game can become a bit frustrating.

As video games have become a more profitable venture they have gotten better in some cases, but in many they have gotten worse. The problem is that large parts the industry has decided that the best way to make money is to continue to charge you for the game. This can be with MMOLG in which most of their money is made through monthly fees, down loadable content that probably should have been included and in app purchases of parts of the game, not to mention ads in a game I have paid for. It is all greed and little turns me off of a game faster than greedy developers.

When you open this app you will begin by having a small circle at the top of the screen. You can move it to any point on the top of the screen you want. When you are ready you push a button and drop it. If it makes it to the bottom, isn’t eaten and is the same color as the water when it hits you will score points and move on to the next levels. As you advance there will be creatures which will eat you, if you’re not the same color as them, and circles that change your color as well as causing you to bounce and many more things.

The graphics and sound of this app are good for the iPhone. The controls of this app are more complicated than you might expect and differences in space smaller than you can really control are needed which can make it very hit or miss.

This app gets two out of five stars because of greedy developers.

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