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Iphone App Reviews Catcha Mouse

Catcha Mouse is a fun game that is appropriate for kids and adult gamers alike. If you like playing simple games that are still challenging and fun, then Catcha Mouse is a good choice. Catcha Mouse is also available in a free version, so you can try this engaging and thought-provoking game without having to spend a dime.


– Catcha Mouse is easy on the eyes. If this game’s graphics were to be rated on a range of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best score, Catcha Mouse’s graphics would certainly earn a solid 7. It loses points because the graphics are not that complex, but the colors are well-chosen and will be attractive to young children. The graphics are cartoonish, so if you do not enjoy 3D graphics and you would much rather look at “conventional” graphics, then these are right for you.

– There are four modes of gameplay, so if you are looking for a more challenging game, then you can set the gameplay to “hard.” If any younger gamers want to play Catcha Mouse, you can start off gameplay at the “easy” level.

– Gameplay is very smooth and engaging. To play, you have to try to trap the mouse before he is able to jump into a hole and escape. Although this may sound a little easy to do, you will find that the levels get progressively more difficult. It’ll boggle your mind to figure out how to trap the mouse! The controls are easy to use; just tap on the screen to place mousetraps.


– There are basically no cons with this game. If you are looking for better, more complex or richer graphics, then the graphics in this game may merit a “con.” However, even though this game is free, you are not bombarded with ads while you are playing.

– If you want music in the game, you will have to use your iPod feature. The game does not include any music during gameplay. You will just have to be satisfied with simple sound effects.

All in all, I still highly recommend Catcha Mouse. Even though it is not one of the most creative games I have seen available in the App Store, I still enjoyed playing it, especially since I was able to play the game for free. Catcha Mouse is perfect for gamers of all ages.

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