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Iphone App Reviews Burger Bash Lite

Time management games are just as popular as casual games. For those who want exciting gameplay that will make their heart race, games such as Burger Bash are great app choices. However, if you are unsure about whether or not time management games are right for you, you can fortunately play the lite versions in order to help make your decisions easier. Burger Bash Lite is a free app game that allows you to try out Burger Bash and play 11 exciting levels.

The graphics are not that special. I must admit, at first glance, I did not want to download this game because I thought that the graphics were not that great. However, quality graphics does not necessarily mean that you will get quality gameplay. I have a tendency to judge apps by their covers (or, in other words, by their screenshots), and am guilty of such blasphemy many times. In the case of Burger Bash Lite, I was proven wrong. The gameplay is better than the graphics.

The graphics are not rendered in 3D. Rather, they are quite cartoonish and they are obviously drawn. I also think that there may have been some stock clip art used, but that does not matter in terms of the quality of the gameplay, since you can still see what kind of food items are available and who is doing what.

Gameplay is exciting and heart racing. The features work well, but there are some problems associated with the tap controls. For instance, I would be tapping on the cheese to add to the patty and the burger, but nothing would happen. I would get easily frustrated and I would end the game. This is obviously a big problem for a game that requires these controls.

Overall, this lite version is probably a good representation of the full version, especially since you can play 11 levels of this game. That means that you can play this game and get a good idea of what the full version is like. However, I do hope that the full version will have good tap controls. Burger Bash Lite is great for kids and adults alike. People of all ages will appreciate this type of exciting gameplay.

I recommend Burger Bash Lite, but beware of the functionality of the tap controls. The full version may be different, but this lite version has a couple of problems that hinders me from liking it too much.

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