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Iphone App Reviews Adventure Girl

Those who like line drawing games will either love or hate Adventure Girl. This app is available from the App Store for 99 cents, and it is a pretty good deal if you consider the quality of the graphics. However, the gameplay does have its pros and cons, which means that in the end, you may be unsure about whether or not you have enjoyed playing Adventure Girl. Nevertheless, the plot is quirky and the character looks cute, and this may be worth the 99 cents.


I would not consider Adventure Girl’s graphics to be 3D, but they are 3D-like. The lines of the individual components of the scenes are very smooth and flow seamlessly, meaning that the components are not blocky. Some 3D graphics will have this apparent blockiness, but Adventure Girl fortunately does not. In addition, the colors are well-chosen. The brightness of the colors ensures that the player is kept interested in and engaged with the game. I would give Adventure Girl’s graphics a score of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. It loses a few points because the little girl does not look interactive enough.

Gaming experience

As I already mentioned, you will either love or hate the gameplay. For me, I am stuck on the fence. First of all, the gameplay is a little repetitive. I understand the plot and the gaming concept underlying the game: you have to try to keep the little girl floating. While that is happening, you can collect points by attaining ice cream cones and avoiding obstacles. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have to do all of this while the “floating power meter” decreases.

The controls are easy to maneuver, but that is mostly because there are no other necessary controls other than having the ability to draw lines. So, in terms of controllability, Adventure Girl earns a solid 8. In terms of overall app quality, Adventure Girl earns a solid 7. This app loses points in quality because of the lack of interactivity on the girl’s part.


Overall, I will still recommend Adventure Girl to anyone who has 99 cents to spare and wants to have an app that will offer some fun. It is an all in all good game. However, I truly believe that this app could be free, even if the graphics are not that bad.

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