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Iphone App Review Yelp

If you love to travel or if you do not want to page through your Yellow Pages to look for business addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation, you have to download the Yelp application for your iPhone. Not only does it cost nothing for you to use, but it is so informative and most of the information is correct. As long as the business information is available, Yelp will help you find the place you are looking for.

I love to take small trips and travel around where I live. Because of this, I have to know exactly where I’m going. I do not want to waste one minute or one mile looking elsewhere when I could be at my destination. I downloaded Yelp to remedy this problem. Although I use GoogleMaps (already preloaded into the iPhone) for much of my GPS and tracking needs, I like using Yelp to supplement the directions that I find. Besides, since Yelp is free, I didn’t think that it would hurt to have more information-finding apps on my iPhone.

Yelp is basically like a revamped version of GoogleMaps. If you are looking for a business but you do not know the name, you could just type in the category which fits that business into the Yelp “find” box, and the map will have various pinpoints for businesses that match your search words. If these features are not enough for you, you can find businesses according to price ranges, neighborhoods, and distance to your current location. There are many other features, and some which are only available with the iPhone 3GS, but you can still get the most out of Yelp even if you have the iPhone 3G.

I love using Yelp because I live in a city that offers a wide variety of businesses and restaurants that I would enjoy visiting. Yelp is inexpensive and I can find all the information that I need in just a few taps. If I want to look for the best hot dogs in Chicago, I can do so with the help of Yelp.

All in all, I would recommend Yelp to anyone who is sick of using GoogleMaps and not knowing about the specific business’s hours of operation. Although I love using GoogleMaps for finding simple directions and for looking at overviews of neighborhoods, I enjoy Yelp’s more informative features. Best of all, this great app is free.

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