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Iphone App Review World War V20

World War v2.0 is a free app from the iTunes App Store available for the iPhone or iPod touch. If you are looking for a free app, you should check out the Top 25 Free Apps of the week list on the App Store. I search through that list at least a couple of times a week, and I have found many of my favorite free apps that way. At any rate, is World War v2.0 deserving of its place in that list?

• Graphics

The graphics remind me of other “war games” for PC. In other words, there is the distinctive metal background. The interface is really familiar, too. The options are located on the top and the bottom of the screen for easier access. At any rate, the graphics are good for the price of the game, and I could not find any complaints against this characteristic of the game.

• Gameplay

I am not a big player of this type of game. In fact, this is probably the only “war game” that I have for my playing device. So, when I started to play the game I thought that it would involve more action. I also thought that there would be actual troops that I could deploy or actual enemies that I could see trying to conquer me.

That was not the case. This is basically just a tap and go game. Basically, the goal of the game is to complete some missions, gain some loot, complete more missions, and rinse and repeat. The tapping is not fun, either. It seems as if I am victorious about 80-90% of the time. It was also easy to reach level 2. It took me no longer than five minutes and a few simple taps to get to that level. Just tap on the “Do It” button and that is it.

Also, I found it laughable that the app would have categories of missions labeled “Hunt Down Enemies” and “Train Armed Forces” when all that the player has to do is tap and the mission is either completed or not.

• Recommendation

I would not recommend World War v2.0. I saw many good reviews on its App Store page and thought that it would provide me with endless hours of exciting gameplay, and I found the exact opposite. Even though this game was free, I do not think that I would download it again if I had the choice.

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