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Iphone App Review Snap

Snap is an app based on the card game for the iphone, ipod touch and iphone. It has each person starting with an equal number of cards and waiting for a pair then tapping the screen before the opponent, which is in this case a computer.

Snap is a stupid card game in my opinion. I can understand why kids might enjoy it but in my few attempts to play the game all it really did was bend cards and ruin decks while quickly becoming annoying enough that I would intentional lose so it would end quicker. The problem is that it entirely about reaction time and because you’re having to put down cards you’re usually not ready so it become something even worse than that, but I decided to give the app snap a chance anyway hoping that perhaps the version of the game on the ipod touch would be better than that since it wouldn’t require me to deal cards.

The best thing that I can say about the app snap is that it very accurately portrayed the same feeling that the card game did. This game after a very short while felt exactly like the card game to me, right down to the attempt to lose quickly so that the game would be over.

The problem is that unlike regular snap you are playing against a computer. This means that there is no real competition the computer can always win if it desires to there is only a delay in that victory because the computer has one placed in it. In addition to this you can’t see the reaction of the other person when you see something they didn’t.

The sound works quite well with the sound of cards being dealt being largely unobtrusive with the sound of slapping the card was quite good. The graphics itself is simple but there is a fair amount of effort put into it, with there being sort of cut scenes between that shows where you are playing and while it doesn’t add anything it is fun.

If the game of snap does not annoy you as much as it annoys me then this is a very well made games and while I would like an option to set a few options mostly to shorten the game considerably but most of that is because I do not care for snap and so didn’t like the app much more.

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