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Iphone App Review Singing Cat

At first glance, the Singing Cat app seems interesting. After all, the whole premise of the app itself is unusual and uncommon, to say the least. So, I asked other people I knew whether they would be interested in buying the Singing Cat application. Luckily, I was able to find one person who had the app already in her phone, and I was able to use it without purchasing the app.

The app itself works rather smoothly. It is not the type of app that would keep anyone interested for longer than a few minutes, but it is the type of app which does exactly what it is supposed to do. In my book, that is an app that is probably worth its cost. However, because the app itself costs 99 cents, I do not think that this app is appropriately priced. If there were a lower price for apps that would essentially just not make it free of cost, I think that this app would be the first one to be priced that. In other words, if the developers could have priced this app at 50 cents, the app would have been worth it.

With that said, the singing cat is a good idea if the people who would be using this app were the type of people who loved strange things. Not many people would want to buy an app featuring a singing cat, and not many people would want to listen to a cat singing anyway. One of the features of this app is the user’s ability to let the cat sing in tune with any of the songs in the user’s iPod library. I find this to be the most hilarious feature, since a cat singing to any lyrical song is an absurd idea.

I ask my friend whether she thought that her 99 cents was worth buying this app. She promptly replied, “No,” but she also felt that she had to keep the app in order to make good use of her 99 cents. At first, she confirmed, the idea of the app seemed promising. After all, she thought she could entertain a few young children with it. On the other hand, she also felt that she could have used the 99 cents to something more productive and interesting, such as a game app.

Overall, if you want to make good use of your 99 cents, do not bother with this app. If you want to listen to a singing cat sing to the tune of “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” then this is the app for you.

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