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Iphone App Review Riddles Free

Do you like reading and trying to solve riddles? If so, you will want to try Riddles Free, a free app available from the iTunes App Store. I am a big fan of riddles, so I decided to try Riddles Free mostly because it would cost me nothing to try it. With that said, this review article will help you figure out whether or not you should also try Riddles Free.

First of all, using Riddles Free was as easy as can be. I simply just tap on the app’s icon and the app opens up with very little to no loading time. When you open up the app, you will be immediately taken to a riddle. The first one is a bit dry, but you simply tap on the “Answer” button located right above the advertisement strip. If you are done with that riddle, you can then tap on “Next.”

The riddles cover different topics and subjects, but whichever ones do not make the cut will be given the thumbs down. You can “vote” for each riddle by tapping on either thumbs up or down, located at the bottom of the screen underneath the advertisement strip. Some riddles will already have votes on them, and you can see the votes by looking at the numbers next to each thumbs up or down icon.

Remember, however, that Riddles Free is the free or lite version, which means that the full version may either be better or worse. However, I always like to try the free version before anything else, especially with apps that I’m not sure will make the cut.

With that said, I think that Riddles Free is a good app, and would rate it a “B.” It is well-made, although some of the riddles are not very good. For example, “What English word means burning wood when you take away the first letter of the word?” The answer is “ember.” Again, this seems a bit dry. However, the effects of each riddle will differ from person to person. For example, a person who is easily amused may find that aforementioned riddle quite entertaining and witty.

Nonetheless, this app is free. So, give it a try and see whether or not your opinion of this app matches with mine. If it does, at least you did not spend a dime to try Riddles Free.

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