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Iphone App Review NASA App

If you like learning about space, you will want to download the NASA app. Even though it is not as comprehensive as I would like, it is still a free app that offers plenty of information. Anyone who wants to know more about NASA’s projects will want the NASA app on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

I am a big fan of looking at the stars and learning more about the universe. So, as I was searching through the free apps in the App Store, I came across the NASA app and downloaded it right away. Even though I know that free apps have a bad reputation for being boring or “lame,” I still decided that this might be a good decision. After all, I have found many free apps that were better than many of the other apps for which I actually spent money.

Needless to say, you do not need to restart your device after you download NASA app. All that you need is a good Internet connection. Wi-Fi and 3G work best, although you can make do with Edge. However, Edge downloads are slower, and this app is information and picture-content heavy.

When you tap on the app’s icon, you will be taken straightaway to a page that lists all of the NASA missions. If you tap on one, you will be told when that mission is going to take off or when it took off. You will also be given a small description of the mission’s goals. However, I was very unhappy when I tapped on “Images” (found at the bottom of the screen) and no photos came up. I did likewise with the videos, and again nothing came up. It may be that I need to be on a faster connection (I was on Edge).

Nonetheless, I thought that the NASA app would be more comprehensive than this. I thought that there would even be a section detailing a brief history of the NASA program and its long-term objectives. I would also love to see pictures from the various satellites that we have up now. I will continue to try the app again and again until some images show up, but as of right now I would not recommend this app to those who have high expectations. I am just glad that I did not have to spend a penny on this app.

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