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Iphone App Review Nanny Mania Lite

Nanny Mania Lite is a free game available on the iTunes App Store. If you are looking for an inexpensive game that will keep you or your kids busy for a few minutes, this game is it. Time management games are perfect for those who do not want games that involve too many controls. So, in the case of Nanny Mania, your job is to tap on objects whenever you need to accomplish a task.

There are a few good features about Nanny Mania. First, you can choose the difficulty of the game by sliding the bar to whichever difficulty (easy or hard) that you prefer. The more difficult the setting is, the more tasks that you have to accomplish. On the easy setting, you will have plenty of time to complete all of the household tasks, and take care of the children, throughout the day.

The graphics are also decent. On a scale of 1 to 10, this game will definitely earn a 7 or 8. It loses points because there are some details that are lost, and a 3D game should have fairly crisp and clear edges to the objects, but the graphics are good nonetheless. However, the sounds and music can be a little annoying sometimes. The baby’s cries will be unbearable and if your character is busy doing something you will have to hear that annoying cry until you pay attention to the baby.

Gameplay, however, is smooth for the most part. I experienced freezing of the game only once, but this may have been because I did not restart my device before playing the game for the first time. It is important to do that before you play any apps, or you run the risk of freezing or experiencing other glitches. Nonetheless, I enjoyed playing Nanny Mania Lite because of the ease of play. All of the controls were user-friendly. The characters respond well to the controls. The speed of the game is good; it is not too fast or too slow, and it keeps you on your toes.

Overall, I would highly recommend Nanny Mania Lite. Even if you do not enjoy this game, you will still feel better knowing that you did not have to spend a dime. And, if you do like the game, Nanny Mania Lite may be a good representation of the full version of the game. This lite version does a good job of making me want to buy the full version.

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