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Iphone App Review Alarm Clock plus

Alarm Clock Plus is a app made for the ipod touch and the iphone made by Rockifone.com which gives you the time, date, and allows you to set alarms as well as letting you adjust the appearance of the clock.

If your app has a feature listed as available for it then I for one do not expect to have to pay to use it. This is in part because I am not a big fan of in app purchases in general, but I really hate being lied to. And whether that was the intention of Alarm Clock Plus or not it feels as if I was lied to when I downloaded this app and that turns me sour before I really have a chance to try the rest of the app.

There are a number of excellent things built into this program. The one that I appreciate the most is that you can set the color of the text on the screen to almost anything you want with a three slider system of green, red and blue. This is not all that complicated but other alarm programs do not do it. In addition to this you can change the display from a digital or analog clock and from 12 to 24 hours. All of this really lets you use the program how you want.

The alarm itself is set easily enough, and you can set it to repeat every day or only on specific days which is nice if you have a regular job with set hours. You can even have multiple alarms for those days that you aren’t working. Where this falls down though is that there are no options for different sounds on this and you have to pay to use music from your library. I don’t know if this lets you choose multiple songs, play lists, artists or search it because I’m not going to pay even 99 cents when it was implied if not stated in the program that it was available without saying that they charged for it.

There are considerable more options on the clock part of this program than I have seen in other alarm clock apps, but the actual alarm choices are very limited and to expand them it costs money. If you’re looking to pay for an alarm clock app I suspect that there are considerably better choices and if you’re looking for a free alarm this one isn’t it.

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