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Internet Fraud Scams Spam Nigerians Fake Lottery

Internet fraud, are the greedy easy targets?

If something in life seems too good to be true, you can be assured that it is a hoax, a swindle or some kind of fraudulent activity.

The last few years has seen an outbreak of elaborate Internet fraud schemes designed to separate the unsuspectingly greedy from their possessions, including identities. Information is the big prize these scoundrels are stealing from the unwary. Of course they will try to pick your pocket in the process don’t forget that, they are just common thieves. These frauds are so transparent how can any one go for them? But still every year thousands are tricked into scams which rang from telling you they are going to close your account to cashing in on a big prise. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION, EXCEPTIONS ARE THOSE YOU KNOW FOR ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.

Sometimes, in the gimmick, there is the potential to make ten to fifteen percent of the big paycheck or a percentage of accounts received. Some of the offers look so good you would swear that professional advertising firms made them. Let me tell you they all look authentic, down to the addresses and the seals of the governments they claim to represent. Forged company logos and letterheads are also the rule for these Internet thieves.

The Australian Lottery, Human Textiles Limited and the Nigerians are just three of the seemingly thousands of variations which are being sent around the world to your email in-boxes. These deceptions are sometimes great pieces of fiction, telling of a family in an emerging republic who has become oppressed in some way and they need a bank in the States to send their family fortune to, and they want you to care take these monies. Another con is the fake company email notice of termination of service due to over saturated registrations on their email servers. They will ask for your email address, password, d.o.b and where you live, they are very convincing and direct with their demands. Don’t go for it, it is absolute bull. Here is a good one; the widow needs to get the husband’s pension out of the country and they are represented by some clerk or lawyer who is responsible for setting everything up. The variations are tragically endless.

Remember, the only way to stop these thieves is by not giving them any information, it is best to ignore the email all together, report as spam to your email provider. If you are plagued by these annoying emails, write a letter to the various departments, which investigate fraud and Internet theft. The FBI, The Department of Justice, Your representatives whom you elected to public office and any watch dog group which may be found on the Internet. You know how to deal with these criminals; DON’T GIVE THEM ANYTHING: NOTHING! If you didn’t ask for it, YOU DON’T WANT IT! When it comes to the Internet, this place is no man’s land and it is as hostile as a street corner in any big city. As soon as you post a public profile, for instance, let’s say in a chat room, the wolves come sniffing around and they will literally try to cut you out of the herd. Your personal information should be a secret and never revealed to any strangers.(name, address, telephone, date of birth or any of your vital information which could be used to break you passwords or user name

The web is virtually with out patrols or guardians and it is almost impossible to enforce any laws or rules in international cyberspace. At this time, the anti-detection technology is too sophisticated for anyone to successfully track those who wish not to be discovered.

If you have, any doubts about the heart felt story in the email that you have received, do not respond to the email, and do not correspond with the person sending the letter, instead do your research, use the search engines, and find out about the offer in question. The chances are that the offer or business will be listed or have a review on it somewhere.

These criminals profile the middle-aged and the elderly who have money put away and the thieves figure that this man or woman would be willing to make a quick buck. Don’t be greedy and fall prey to the many Internet scams, which are floating around out there. In addition, don’t get me started on the, pretty girls who are looking for an airline ticket to get home, swindle.

If you don’t know the person who is sending you, the email asking for help and you have NEVER met them. Tell them to go take a hike, or better still, ignore them. There are a thousand con games out there on the Internet, and the web is thick with all kinds of predators. LET THIS BE A WARNING! Don’t trust anyone you don’t know on the Internet.

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