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Ibubble Shooter Iphone App Review

iBubble Shooter is the free version of iBubble Shooter Free, an iPhone app. Although I have played many bubble-shooting games on my iPhone before, I have a weakness for this type of game. And, since iBubble Shooter doesn’t cost me a penny to try, I decided that it was worth playing.

Fortunately, this is one of the first games that has offered satisfying and decent gameplay. First of all, the graphics are quite simple. If you are looking for great 3D graphics, you will not find them in iBubble Shooter. But, the graphics are still good nonetheless. The developer chose a nice combination of colors for the bubbles. However, if you are not looking for good graphics in particular, then you will probably be happy with the gameplay.

One of the reasons why I liked playing iBubble Shooter so much is because the controls are so easy to use. The player simply has to touch where he or she wants to shoot the bubbles. This is better than having to aim the bubbles by tapping on the shooter (like in some other apps that I played). In addition, the app responds very well to touch. This is critical for a game that depends on the touchscreen for its controls.

The gameplay is quite smooth and gets a bit challenging as the game progresses. The bubbles will start dropping down faster. However, if you remove all of the bubbles of one color, you will only have to deal with the remaining colors. So, if you eliminate all of the colored bubbles except for the red one, then you will only have to shoot a red bubble and the game is over. There are no other levels, but a game of this kind doesn’t need extra levels. The game can continue for as long as the player wants, or whenever the player finally removes all of the bubbles.

The only thing that I didn’t like was that almost half of the screen is dedicated to the main menu. It would be better if the main menu was actually on a separate screen, so that the actual game can take up the whole screen. Of course, this might be a purely cosmetic issue since it does not take away from ease of gameplay.

Nevertheless, I would highly recommend iBubble Shooter. This is a good free game that will make plenty of people happy.

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