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How to use your Scanner to get Graphics for your Web Page

Have you ever had a great image laying around that you wanted to put on a website, but did not know you to use your scanner to do so? Well, scanning an image is actually very simple and requires very little time and effort. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to scan a beautiful image and save it onto your computer.

1. Find the image

As simple as this may seem, you must first find the image that you would like to scan

2. Place image onto scanner

This step is different based on the type of scanner you have. Generally, you must open the top of your printer. Here, you will find a large glass panel on which you should put your picture on facing downwards. Make sure to align it into the right corner. On one corner, there will be arrows that will be pointing into the corner. Push the picture into the corner.

3. Close the scanner

In this step, simply put the top of your printer back into its original position. At this point, the picture should be covered by the printer and you should not be able to see it.

4. Scan the picture

If your printer has a button on it that says scan, then simply press it and a window will pop up on your computer screen while it scans. After this, follow the steps that your printer’s program tell you in order to save it onto the computer. Select the location to save your new picture, and then click save. The other way to scan a picture if your printer does not have the button on it is by opening the printer’s program from the computer. Locate the program that was installed with your printer and click on it. Then click the scan button and follow the instructions for where to save the picture.

5. Upload the picture

If you want to put your on the Internet or email it to somebody, then you will have to upload it. Now that you have the picture, this is a very easy step. Simply look for a button that says add attachment (or file), and then click on it. Now you can select a file to attach to whatever you are attaching to. Locate the place where you previously saved your picture and click on it. Once you have done this, click upload towards the bottom of the window, and you have completed the process.

As you can see, scanning a picture is much easier than you might think. Just follow the five steps listed above and, in less than ten minutes, the picture that you had in front of you will be on your computer screen.

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