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How to use the Windows 7 snipping tool

Among the new Windows 7 accessories is that of the snipping tool. The snipping tool is essentially an additional tool for capturing a portion of the screen. Unlike when you print a screen with the print screen key, with the snipping tool you can snip screens so that a smaller part is copied.

To locate the Windows 7 snipping tool you should first select the start menu. Then select all programs, and the accessories folder. The accessories folder includes the snipping tool option which you should select to open it.

When you open the snipping tool it has a small window with a few options. To get started with snipping you should select the new option. However, note the small arrow beside the new option which includes four snipping options when selected. These options are as follows: free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip and full-screen snip. Of these, free-form snip is probably the most flexible as you can then snip out any particular shape, but if you require a rectangular snip or full-screen snip then these may be appropriate options.

After selecting an appropriate snipping option you can snip a portion of the screen. With free-form snip draw around the portion of screen that is to be copied. With rectangular ships you drag the rectangle. A window snip requires that you select a window that is to be copied.

Then the snipping tool will snip and copy the portion of the screen that is selected. A new window will open that displays what has been snipped with the snipping tool, along with some additional options. Among these options is a disk icon which is a save option that you can save your snip with. As such, select this to save the snip as an image.

Three other notable options are included on the right side of the toolbar. These options include a pen, a highlighter and an eraser option. When you select the pen option you can select from three different inks, or alternatively the customize option from where you can select additional inks. With the pen option you can draw on the snipped screen. Or alternatively, if you need to highlight something select the highlighter option, and highlight over it. Finally, the eraser option can be selected to erase any highlights or pen ink you added, although it will not erase anything from the original snip.

Undoubtedly, the snipping tool is a good additional Windows 7 accessory. It is a great tool that enhances the flexibility of copying and pasting.

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