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How to use the Internet to Learn how to do Computer Programming

The Internet is good for so many things, it’s easy to overlook some of the morning obvious ones; like learning how to do computer programming. Granted it’s not nearly the same thing as going to college and getting yourself a degree in Computer Science, but not everyone wants or needs a degree; sometimes just learning a computer language can be all you want or need.

To use the Internet to learn how to do computer programming, a person would first do some Google searches on computer programming in general. These kinds of searches would lead to articles that give the gist of what computer programming is all about, and then what the things are that are common to all of the different programming languages. It would also help to find articles about the differences between the different programming languages and the ways that same are better for some applications while some are better for others.

After reading a lot about computer programming in general, it would be good to do some searches on computer programming concepts, and then to read a lot of those articles as well. This would give a person a good idea of the tools that are available in most computer languages, and how they are used.

After that, someone who is interested in learning how to do computer programming would need to start narrowing down the various languages, and then eventually picking one, at least to start with. Part of the process of picking one would be availability of an Interpreter or Compiler for home use. Some languages, such as C, and C++, have compilers that people can download and use for free. Most others though will need to be purchased either online, or at a store that sells computer products.

Once a language is chosen, and a compiler or interpreter is obtained and installed on a computer, the next step is to actually start coding.

Most every person that learns to write computer code starts with something very simple, such as writing a program that does nothing but print your name on the screen. This serves two purposes; the first is to make sure the compiler is installed and working correctly; the second is to get the process firmly cemented in the mind regarding how programming actually works in practice.

After that, more short little programs can be written, generally using examples, that come with the manual for the compiler or Interpreter. But this is where the Internet would really help, because the Internet has thousands, if not millions of examples of code that can be tried, and it has thousands of sites that give tips on how to do various things with any particular language. And if that’s not enough, it also has thousands of user communities that prospective programmers can join that will get them in with other programmers who can impart wisdom and advice.

And that’s how you use the Internet to learn how to do computer programming.

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