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How to use MS Word 2010s Screenshot Facility

For several iterations, Microsoft Windows has had a means for capturing what are known as “screen shots” and then for pasting them into documents. Screen shots are graphical copies of the contents of a displayed window, which are more akin to snap-shots than screen shots, but that’s neither here nor there. With Office 2010, Microsoft has ported this ability directly into Word, which make creating screen shot objects easier than ever before.

To use the Screenshot application, first load up a window in whatever browser you use. Go to Helium for example, then come back to Word, and click on the Insert tab on the main ribbon. Next, click the down arrow under the Screenshot icon; you should get a mini pop-up window giving you a quick view of all of the open windows on your desktop. To insert the one you want, simple click on it. Also, you might notice that the Screenshots you grab don’t have to be of an Internet browser; if you have more than one Word document going for example, that too will show up in the list of choices for you to grab as a screen shot.

At any rate, once you click on the screen shot you want, it will appear in your Word document at the current location.

NOTE: Screenshots will only capture the viewable part of the window that you have open, thus if you have Internet Explorer showing only a partial page that you would need to scroll down to see the rest of, you will only be able to capture the part that is currently being displayed; i.e. you won’t be able to scroll up or down in the Screenshot captured in your document.

Once the Screenshot is inserted into your document it has properties just as do those of any other object, such as pictures, graphics and SmartArt. Thus, you can resize the Screenshot by grabbing the sizing handles in the corners, or you can move it by grabbing the move handles, or rotate it by grabbing and moving the rotate handle

You can also change its characteristics as you would any other graphic object by either clicking on the Screenshot to select it, then using the Picture Tools menu that appears at the top of the screen, or by clicking on the Screenshot object with the right mouse button and then selecting whatever formatting options you choose.

Screenshots are very useful for creating documentation where you need to show your readers what is going on with an on-screen application for example, to explain how to use it.

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