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How to use Google Voice

Google Voice offers anyone with an Android powered smart phone the ability to piggy-back a new telephone number on top of your current phone plan, and carrier. How much you decide to integrate with your existing number is entirely up to you. If you would like to skip your carrier entirely and use Google’s telephony service, you can. Or, you can set up your new number, use it for your business, and have all of the numbers forwarded to your personal phone. Additionally, you can forward only the voicemails and the texts that arrive at that number to your existing phone, and never receive a single call.

Integrating Google with your phone plan can play a huge role with how your receive and respond to your messages, as well as offer you a tool to help you stay on top of your social connections better. Are you someone who doesn’t check their voicemail, screening for bad connections and bill collectors? What better way to screen those numbers and receive the information that matters with Google Voice.

If you are interested in having Google Voice on your iPhone, head on over to YouTube and watch some how-to videos, or research some articles online.

If you have not already signed up for the service, head on over to the Google Voice Website, and follow the few simple steps necessary to sign up for an account. There is no obligation, and will not immediate effect your phone’s status. At first it will exist as a stand alone phone number, waiting to be linked to.

Getting your new number

Once you finish the online sign-up, you will be assigned your very own, brand new phone number. You have a few choices in the creation of your new number, such as choosing a surrounding area code.

Getting your Android app

Head on over to your Android Marketplace and search “Google Voice”. It should be the first option in the list. Go ahead and install the application. Once you can, launch the application, and follow the on screen prompts through the set-up process. If you would still like to keep Google Voice separate from your mobile account, select not to make any calls with Google Voice, with no prompting or notifications.

Once launched, the Voice Application will allow you to manage your virtual inbox, and respond to voicemails and texts. One of the nicest features of Google Voice is how it will format your voicemail into a textual based message, available for you to read, rather than have to launch your traditional voicemail and listen, and with rather reliable accuracy.

Best practices

Do you operate your own business? Would you like to set up a dummy number to screen phone calls with? Your options when signing up for the service are numerous, and how you decide to use it is up to you. Signing up for the Voicemail service and having all current voicemails sent directly to the Google Voice server is a great way to get started, and get acclimated to the service.

If you do have your own business, and would like to set up a new number to put on your website and business cards, yet still have all calls forwarded to your personal phone, but do not want to hand out your cell number, then the Google service will work great for you.

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