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How to use Free Keyword Tools to Find Topics for Niche Websites

Niche selection when creating websites, writing articles, finding a market or doing your own thing often creates a troublesome task without the right tools. Luckily, there are many freely available online tools that will help you discover a niche topic for your project.

Without this article, you will learn of three different free keyword research tools that will help discover a niche so you can better focus on your intended audience.

♦ Before you begin ♦

Most keyword tools act in the same fashion: plug in a keyword and you’ll be given related keywords and search volume. The search volume you receive is direct related to how often the term is searched for within search engines. Each tool may provide a variety of results but many of the main elements to look for when choosing a niche are:

♦ Competition

♦ Monthly (daily) search volume

♦ Monthly search volume

♦ Related keywords

♦ Trends

Each of these elements, in tandem, will help paint a better picture whether your niche selection is worthwhile to pursue or will be extremely difficult due to the competition. Combined with other website tools (used after niche selection), you’ll be able to accurately gauge your competition, find out how much effort will be involved and whether a niche is profitable in the first place.

♦ Tool 1: Google Keyword Selection Tool ♦

First and foremost, the Google keyword selection tool is by far the most powerful because it’s the one that almost all other tools base their data from. With the largest volume of search queries on the web, Google can provide the most extensive amount of data related to niche keywords.

♦ Tool 2: Wordtracker Tool ♦

Wordtracker is a paid tool but they do provide a free option with limited amount of total data. Wordtracker allows you to see data into how many times a particular keyword is being searched upon each day; although data is collected from less well-known search engines – the data is still very powerful for your niche research.

♦ Tool 3: Wordstream Tool ♦

Wordstream is a relatevily new tool introduced to those seeking information on keywords but it’s quickly becoming a favorite. Wordstream is lightning quick and will provide a wealth of related keywords and competition anlysis for each keyword placed into the search box. For quick and easy results, Wordstream provides great data.

♦ Importance of niche keyword research ♦

Before going, understand that the correct niche keyword could be the difference between first rank in search engines and the next page. Likewise, great niche keyword selection can result in higher earnings and traffic – remember this next time you work on your next project.

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