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How to use Bing what is Bing what does Bing Offer

Microsoft’s latest take on web search, the Bing, is not just a search engine but a focused Decision Engine that makes search-enabled decisions effective and snappy. Search results are specific, saving on your time and effort. The innovative features are many, from maps and images to product queries and travel plans. Page downloads are fast and images sharp. What more could you ask for in a search engine?

The Bing has many new search tools and features that you have not used before. So you need to know your way about, to use Bing to the fullest.

To begin with, make Bing your default search engine for a richer and organised search result. Downloading the Bing tool bar will make your work all the more easier with searches a mere click or two away.

Customize the Bing home page to your preference. Click on the top right-most tab ‘Preferences’ on the home page. This leads you to a page where you can save your settings, for both, general searches and your personal web setting choices. These will apply to all of your searches. Using the ‘Safe Search’ tool, you can filter adult content form your searches in varying degrees, as per your preference.

You will find your default location listed, which you can always change to suit your area search preferences. Next, you can set the language preference for the site display, with an amazing pick of 30 language settings to chose from.

The web settings are like those you use in your blogs, with options of ‘number of search results displayed per page’, enabling or turning off real-time search suggestions and search language preferences.

For a personalised matching with best results from popular websites, search Bing using minimal keywords. At the same time, if you have a specific question, just type it and you get instant answers with comparatives for an effective result. You don’t need to check out as many websites for the perfect answer, as Bing has already done the groundwork for you.

To access information speedily, just key in the words. The instant comeback with the perfect answer is sure to get you hooked on to Bing. So whether you wish to look up snow reports or know the attractions of the region you will be touring next week, Bing will give it all in a couple of seconds.

Looking for some typical local information? Well, simply type the words. Bing will give you complete results, with even options of booking restaurants or tickets, all in a single session.

To use Bing for your shopping decisions, search what you need. The results will give you comparisons of product, pricing and reviews in a single search session. This will not only help you save on time and money, but also help you make smart shopping decisions. To benefit from an online community

If you are a die-hard blogger or a Twitter fan, you can follow your favourite Twitters and keep yourself updated directly from Bing. Want to know the most

ed on topics? Go to Bing.com/twitter. Want to follow a specific blogger or Twitter? Type in ‘twitternickname’ or ‘nickname twitter’.

If you are a football addict, Bing is the place for you. So if you want to know the latest score, game schedule or team information, just search Bing.

Want to make travel plans? Look up the travel section of Bing for maps, local guides, weather information, best airfares and hotel reservations, all in a single process.

Are you stressed about your irregular heart beats? Check out Bing. It will lead you to all information related to a ‘irregular heart beat’ condition with news, information and links.

Want to look up the cheapest prices? Or get a cash refund on your purchase? Sign up with Bing CashBack for an amazing shopping and cashback experience.

Hold on, the best is yet to come. The visual results and fast image downloads with options galore!

Looking for that perfect image to suit your requirements? Look up Bing and select the size and layout in a single scrolling page, saving time and clicks.

The Bing Maps is an amazing stop for your map searches. You get a whole range of map styles and features with options of drag-able routes, transit integration, tube line overlays and enhanced business finders along the map routes. This area may need a little bit of exploration, but hey, the benefits most certainly make it worthwhile. So go ahead and make the best of geo-mapping searches from Bing.

Looking for a video? Bing lets you select the right video, with the inline video preview option directly from the first results page. Of course, you can then refine your video search further using the host of options listed on the page.

You can also have the choice of visual vs. text results for your searches. However, you may need to install Microsoft Silverlight 3 to use the visual search tool. It is a free and fast download, of file size 4.70 MB.

Are you using Bing for a project or decision making process? Then Bing’s categorised search will be your virtual assistant as it walks you through ‘related searches’ all in one go. So if you type ‘digital cameras’, you will get results for repairs, price comparisons and incentives, product reviews and community information too.

So whether you are making a purchase, planning a trip, researching a health condition or searching a local retail outlet, you can use Bing effectively for all such action-oriented search tasks.

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