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How to Turn your Gmail into a Virtual Fax Machine

Finally, a Gmail fax solution that is easy and affordable to use. There are many suggestions to fax from your email but using an internet fax service is the best way to send fax from Gmail.

There are websites that allow you to send a few free faxes each day, however some may put ads on your faxes and are not reliable. Other sites may suggest using your computer software which requires following a few configurations in steps that can become complicated.

However with Internet fax you don’t need to worry about installations, in fact you don’t even need a phone line to get started. You will be able to send and receive faxes from your email and it is done securely.

Using a fax machine requires an extra phone line and sending faxes is not cheap and per page costs go up if you want to send out of state or to an international fax number. With Internet fax services you pay a low monthly fee and you can send faxes to anywhere in the world, plus you get a free fax number which is also free of installations.

So how do you use Internet fax services to fax from Gmail?

The process is easy. If you are testing out Google fax services for the first time then you don’t even have to waste a penny. Top rated providers now offer a free 30 day trial so that you can test run their service and be sure that it meets your faxing requirements. You can also get a free fax number which can be local, toll-free or even an international fax number (this varies from each provider).

Once you sign-up you just add the email you would like all of your incoming faxes sent to, this is how you can receive faxes on your Gmail account. To send a fax is even easier.

Just create a new email and instead of sending to another email you place the fax number followed by the providers server. For example for RingCentral it would be “To: faxnumber@rcfax.com”. As simple as that, then attach documents you need to fax and in the text box of the email you can also include a message. When you are finished just click send and your fax is on its way.

The amount of money you save using internet fax is considerable. You waste less paper, toner as well as save on electricity because fax machine need to be plugged in all day, where as with internet fax service you can fax from your email as well as from any other computer, cell phone, or device that gives you internet access.

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