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How to Speed up your Windows Computer for Free

Many people believe that they have to take their computer into someone in order for their computer to run faster. However, all it takes is a little know how, and a few minutes to complete.

1. Disk Cleanup

One of the first things that will help is to clean up some clutter on your computer. You can easily fix this with a tool built into every Windows system. To use it:

Go to start and open the folders below in the following order.

Start button, all programs, accessories, system tools, and finally click on the item “Disk Cleanup”.

The program will open up, but begin working right away by analyzing the files on your hard drive, and see what can be removed. From there, this will move into a new screen that has many “checkable” options.

All of these are safe to check to delete, except for two options. Those options are Hibernate, and Game Statistics file (If you play solitaire and games on your computer).

Hit okay and move onto the next screen, which will begin working its magic right away. The next screen will only be displayed for a few moments, and will go away. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to do that.

2. Disk Defragmenter

The next program in Windows that you can use can take up to several hours, but helps boost your computer’s performance.

Follow the same path as last time by going to Start, all programs, accessories, system tools, except this time click on “Disk Defragmenter”.

This program will look differently on different systems, but has the same function. This program moves files around on your hard drive, so it can load them faster. It places the files in a sequence that will load faster when opened, and not harm your files. A good idea is to run this program before you go to bed, and let it run over night.

When the program opens, there will be a few buttons, but you only need to worry about two of them: “Analyze disk” and “Defragment Disk”.

Click on “Analyze disk”, which will run for a few moments, then tell you if your hard drive needs to be “defragmented”.

If it says that you do not have to, simply exit the application and your hard drive is already in good shape.

If not, click on “Defragment Disk” which could run from minutes to several hours.

When it is complete, a message should say that the defragment is complete. If not, simply look on the screen, and see if there are any percentages anywhere; if not it’s completed.

These are two simple steps that can help you boost your computer’s performance without any out of pocket expense.

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