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How to set up business account spreadsheets with Openoffice

OpenOffice is a suite of software packages that includes a spreadsheet application that is comparable to Excel. With this software you can set up a variety of business account spreadsheets. Its spreadsheet application includes a variety of formatting options, as well as formulae, which can be added to your business account sheets.

To begin you should check out the OpenOffice website. From here you can add the OpenOffice suite to your software library. The site also includes additional plug-ins and spreadsheet templates. Here you might find some handy account templates.

To begin a fresh template you’ll need to input the basic account column headings first. For a basic account spreadsheet which includes overheads and orders records you’ll need to have four columns. The first column will be more or less a list column where you can input the details for the sales first, and then the overheads, within the columns rows. The second can be a date column, and third and fourth columns will include sales and the overheads which will include the figures.

Then you can add some basic formatting magic to the column headings. If you right-click the cell that includes the heading within it, and format cells, you can then format the fonts. Select the font tab which includes a variety of options for various font selections etc. Add bold text formatting for the column headings.

If you select the numbers tab you can add more specific numerical categories. Select the currency category for the overhead and sales cells. You can also add the date category for the date column as well by firstly selecting the range of cells, and then right-clicking to select format cells.

You’ll also need to add borders to the spreadsheet cells. Select the row letters at the top of the spreadsheet which include your columns. Right-click, select formatting and then borders. Add a black 1pt line to all the the sides of the column cells. Then select ok and the selected column cells should have black borders.

Then you’ll need to select a bottom row for the spreadsheet which includes the sale and overhead totals for the month. From the far left cell you should input a total some way down from the top of the column so that you can input a variety of details into the rows above. Leave at least 20 cells above it.

The cells that are included within the adjacent cells for that row will include the overall figures at the bottom of the sales and overheads columns. Here you should input the Sum option, otherwise an E icon, that is located directly above spreadsheet column B. Drag the rectangle over all the column cells directly above, and directly below the column heading. Then all the figures input into those cells will be added for the overall monthly overheads and sales.

Input some artificial figures just to check the spreadsheet calculates accurately. If so, you can begin to add more specific figures to the spreadsheet. This will be a somewhat basic business account spreadsheet, but if required you can expand this sheet, or set up others for alternative accounts.

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