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How to Organise your Favourites in Internet Explorer

Favourites in a web browser are a way of saving your ‘favourite’ web pages to make accessing them easier and faster for the user, though the avid web browser can soon be inundated with a large favourites list that could possibly slow down the users web experience. Internet explorer gives you the function to organise your favourites to better suit the users needs. In Internet explorer there are two ways to go about it depending on certain settings that you may have customised in your browser.

Tool bars are an effective way to increase productivity and user experience, one of the toolbars you can access is the ‘Favourites Bar’, this can be opened by left clicking on the ‘View’ tab and selecting the drop down menu titled ‘Toolbars’ and select the ‘Favourites’ toolbar form the list. This will open the toolbar which can be found under the address bar on your browser. Appearing there will be a short list of links that you have added there, how to do this will be explained further on in the article.Clicking on this button will open a menu on the left of your browser and here you will be able to add, delete or organise the list. To organise your list in this method you simply have to click and drag your link to the favoured position.

In this method you also have more advanced options by right clicking anywhere in the menu. This gives you five options; Open, Open in new tab, Add to favourites bar, Create new folder, Sort by name.Open and open in new tab are simple to understand. To add your links to the toolbar you simply need to right click the link and select the ‘Add to favourites’ option, this will then add it to the toolbar. Create a new folder will add a new folder to your favourites menu, here you can drag links from your list or add them when adding a favourite website. Sort by name will organise your favourites and folders in an alphabetical order.

The second method to organising your favourites is to select the ‘Favourites’ tab and left clicking on the ‘Organise Favourites’ option. This will open a box on your browser that will list your folders and websites that you have added, there is also a second box that will give you more details about the link including the URL, number of times visited and the date of your last visit. Near the bottom of the box are four buttons to help you organise your folders and links.

New folder will allow you to create a new folder for your links, the links can then be dragged in to the new folder.

Move allows you to click on a link, click move and then select the folder you wish the link to be in.

Rename allows you to rename the folder/link which can be useful to clean up the list and lets you use a name to help remind you what the link leads to.

Lastly delete lets you remove the folder/link from your favourites list, this will remove it from all favourite lists and send the link to the recycle bin, you will be given a warning before this is completed.

After you have finished organising your favourites simply click the ‘close’ button and your changes will be in effect.

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