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How to Make the most of Internet Explorer 7

First of all to help make the most of Internet Explorer 7 you are going to want to do some custom configuring of the browser.

The first time you use IE7 you are going to notice something right away. The menu bar by default is hidden. I don’t know about you but I like the drop down menus that the menu bar provides so let’s unhide the menu bar.

On the line with the tabs you should see a “Tools” button. If you don’t click on the double right arrow sign “>>” and the “Tools” button will be in that menu.

Now when you click on the “Tools” button a drop down menu will appear. In this menu about 8th from the top you will see a line that reads “menu bar”, click on this and your menu bar will show on the top line of the browser.

Now let’s take a look at the icons on the tab bar. You might have some options that you use most often that you will always want to appear first on this line so you won’t have to keep using the double right arrow icon “>>” to find the icons you want.. Usually by default the “Home Page” ,”RSS Feeds”,”Print”,”Page”,”Tools” & “Help” icons are visible on the line.

But you can add or remove icons to this list or change the order of the list any way you want. First click on the “Tools” icon. Next scroll down the list to “Tool bars” and then click on “customize” When you click on this you will see a box open up with two windows. The left window has icons that you can add to the tool bar and the right window has icons you already have on the tool bar.

From the two windows you can add or remove icons from the list as you like. Now to move the icons you already have on your tool bar find the icon in the right window that you want to move and left click on it and while holding the mouse button down move the icon up or down to the position where you want it..

The best thing I like about IE 7 is the tabs. If you have certain web pages that you normally go to when you get on line before IE7 you had to open a new window for each website you visited. That cluttered your desk top and slowed down your computer if you had a lot of websites open. But now you can open a new tab for each website you go to.

By using the shortcut “CTRL + T” or by click on the blank tab at the end of the tab line a new tab will open and you can type your web address in there. Another nice thing about IE7 is that you can have more then one home page. You can have as many as eight pages.

To create your home pages open up your pages 1 to 8 each in a new tab. When you have them all open click on your first tab and then click on the little down arrow on the “Home Page” icon. From the drop down menu click on “Add or Change home page.” From this menu you have three options. “Use this webpage as your only home page”, “Add this webpage to your home page tabs” and “use the current tab set as your home page.” If you have more then one tab open you can click on the 3rd option and then next time you open IE7 all of your web pages will open up at the same time.

Another thing that you might want to customize in IE7 is that by default when you click on a link in a web page IE7 will use the window you already have open and switch to the site that the link calls. I don’t like to lose my current page and have to go back to it. I would rather that a new window be opened instead.

To set IE7 to open a new window when a link is click, Click on “Tools” then “Internet Options” and then click on the “advanced” tab. Now in the menu that comes up scroll down to the “Browsing” section and uncheck the option that says “reuse windows for launching shortcuts.” Click on “apply” and then “OK” and then next time you click on a link in a webpage a new window will be opened.

Alternatively you can have a webpage link open in a new tab. Put your cursor over the link that you want to open. Right click on the link and from the menu that pops up select “Open in new tab.”

Another nice feature of IE7 is the RSS feed indicator. By default it is usually the icon after the home page icon on the tabs bar. This icon is usually grayed out. But if you visit a website that has an RSS feed associated with it the icon will turn orange. This tells you that there is a feed associated with this website. Click on the little down arrow and you will see a list of formats to choose from. RSS or ATOM. Most feed come in the RSS format.

After picking the format that you want to use click on the orange icon and you will be take to the feeds page. On this page there will be a link that says “Subscribe to this feed.” Click on that link and a box will come up like the one when you save a webpage to your favorites. Click the “Subscribe” button and the feed is saved.

To view your feeds, on the tabs bar click on the “Star” icon on the far left. A window will open up where you can view your browser history, favorites, and all of the feeds that you subscribe to.

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