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How to Make any Content on the Web Embeddable with Embedly

There is an increasing form of link fatigue these days. The active link, usually in a different color than the surrounding, explanatory text, was a major breakthrough that allowed readers to load another web page right away. But now, a firm called Embedly is providing a way to embed actual content in ways that keep the site or blog visitor right where they are!

Instead of a link to an illustrative photo, Embedly allows the actual photo to be shown without having to load a new web page. If a book is being promoted or recommended, the actual Amazon page, with pricing and ratings, will be right there. If a news video is up, the actual video is right there, ready to play.

If the goal is to keep site visitors at a page for a longer time, then the solution is to embed much more actual content, rather than links. One number that is being tossed around, according to Mashable, is a whopping 250% improvement in visitor time when images and video are right there. This is especially important because the visitor is likely to go to the link and not return!

A website that has an embedded Facebook forum or Twitter interface for the topic will keep visitors longer than if they have to leave the page, go to Facebook or Twitter, find the forum and engage with others somewhere else.

The method generally changes the URL into instructions that embed the actual content of a site. Mashable compares the new Twitter features that allow embedding of videos and photos into tweets to Embedly’s ability to do the same for any type of web content, including photos, videos and text.

Embedly offers two plans, a free plan that gives access to about 250 sources, or the Pro Plan, which allows any url to be transformed into actual content that appears on the page. The paid plan offers some content filtering, with the top content displayed and with Google Safe Search involved.

WordPress bloggers can use Embedly right away by downloading a plug in to the WordPress embed platform. This allows images, videos and content from 73 sources by just using the url.

Embedly also makes Parrotfish, which allows Twitter users to see previews of content from a large list of providers, including television news, Facebook, Tumblr and so on.

The next step for Embedly will be to create new frontiers for mobile devices under the Apple and Android operating systems.

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