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How to Make a Windows 7 Administrator Account

From time to time, users of Windows 7 may need to set up administrator accounts which endow administrator privileges. The need for this primarily arises when trying to install new hardware or some types of software which is not recognizing the primary administrator account on a particular computer or group. There are several methods to do this, but there is an easy way to set up Windows 7 administrator privileges that does not require a boatload of tech savvy.

For reference, Windows 7 changed the manner that administrator accounts were set up from previous versions. To enhance security, the auto-administrator feature was no longer made the standard as it was to open to the potential for abuse. Windows 7 ships in a manner that now requires you to do this manually. If you have successfully installed Windows 7 already, you have an admin account that was put in place during the installation. The problem is, that account is not always recognized as an admin account which is problematic during some installations.

There are three types of Windows 7 accounts: administrator, standard user, and guest. It is suggested you do your daily work as standard user, but most people tend to run as admin all the time. The administrator account is the account type that has the authorization to make changes to the system. To set up an administrator account, follow these steps:

1. Click the start menu then control panel.
2. Click the “User Account” icon
3. Check the right of the screen for a login picture and account name. If you are currently using an admin account, “Administrator” should be under the account name.
4. Click “Manage Another Account”
5. Click “Create A New Account” on this new screen
6. Enter an account name. Then choose the option that makes the account an administrator

While not entirely necessary, there will be times the new account is not immediately recognized as an administrator requiring an extra step. If your account does not immediately perform admin tasks, right click on an application like “sticky note” and choose “Run program as administrator.” After doing this, you can do whatever tasks you need regarding installing new hardware or software, and if you wish, can go back to the start menu and switch the user account back to the account you use most regularly. If this method fails, unfortunately you may need to contact technical support.

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