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How to Make a Free Games Website and Add Games to it

Making a website that hosts games can be a good way to make money. Games are easily available for free and websites that host games can easily also host ads. If a website hosting games is marketed properly, it could therefore be a goldmine, especially since people often send links to friends when they find a game they like. This article will not deal with how to market a website, but instead seeks only to answer the questions of 1) how a website can be created and 2) how games can be added to it.

1. How to create a free games website
A number of websites lets you create websites easily. These offer templates and you simply have to set up a layout from a template and add content to it. For a free games website, this may not be advantageous. You should rather learn your way around one of the many html website editors around. Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent one, but it is pricy. Microsoft Expression Web is an alternative, but it too costs money. There are some less good free editors around, but if you are serious about your website, you may wish to put a few dollars in to really get a good result.

Having a proper design for a free games website is quite important. The site needs to leave much room for the games and these should remain the central part of the site. Making a menu with some alternatives to pick different styles or genres of games can be a good idea and this menu should probably also be located central on the front page. Having a recently added column is also common. A good idea is generally to look at how others do it.

2. How to add games to it
A number of sites offer games you can add to your website. One example is freegamesforyourwebsite.com. Here you can click on any game and there is an “embed” line. Right click that line and click “select all” on the drop down menu you see. Then open your html editor and find out where you want to insert the game. If you right click in your editor, you may find an option to “insert html”, and if so, simply click that and the game will be pasted. If you do not find it, you may have to go into the html editing section of your website designing software and simply paste it where you want it. This last option is more difficult, however, and for those who aren’t very advanced website builders, it could be much easier to simply get different design software.

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