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How to know you are being Scammed via Lottery Scam Email

Have you ever wanted to win a large sum of money? Who hasn’t in this day and age? With people not having a lot of money and seemingly having bad news appear, it would be nice to hear something good. However, there is an old saying that holds true to today. Think to yourself. Well, I’ve received my fair share of emails that say that I have won the lottery from a foreign country and how I need to send them information in order to receive the money. Here are some tips that you should consider whenever you receive these emails.

Ask yourself a question on this thing in the first place. Did you actually enter their “lottery” in the first place? If you did, then you would understand how it works and how legit it is. However, should that not be the case then just simply not bother going any further. If you give them attention, then quite honestly they know that you have been beaten mentally. It seems crazy but sometimes you could just not bother with them and report them as phishing scams. It can be with Hotmail for sure and of course you can block junk mail never to have to worry about it again.

The other key component would be the requirements of course. If you had signed up for a lottery in the first place, it would have been no problem and you would not have to be asked much of anything. In fact, they would all ready have the information you sent them in the first place. You would think that if you had actually signed up for that particular lottery, you would not have to answer these questions. Do you ever see that with your state lottery?

Research on the company would be a real key component. You have to know who they are exactly before you do anything serious. Think about it for just a minute. If you give away too much information, it could lend you into situations that you don’t really want to be involved with at all.

Those really are the key components in figuring out a scam. Remember to always remember that if it is too good to be true, it most certainly is. These types of lottery scams aren’t going away anytime soon. Be careful with them and not lend yourself into a situation you don’t wish to get involved with at all.

It would be nice to actually win the lottery but you have to be extremely careful. Again and I emphasize that if you see one from a foreign country that you never entered in the first place, do not answer back or give it any attention. If you do that, that is asking for trouble. In short, if you never entered a contest and it says you won, then quite honestly don’t bother going any further with it. The only ones who win are the scammers while you could be left in the dust having to pay off so many debts it’s not even funny.

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