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How to Install Software on Windows Vista

Installing software on Windows Vista is, for the most part, the same as installing software on previous versions of Windows. There is not a great disparity in this respect, however you may need to check compatibility with the OS. To install software on Vista, consider the following guidelines.

To begin with, you will need to make sure the software is suitable. What is meant by suitable software? Well, this is really a reference to the system requirements of the software. As mentioned, first it is most important that the software is Vista compatible. If this is not the case, then the software will certainly not run.

Aside from this, there are further system requirements that you may need to check beforehand. RAM required is an important consideration for installing software, and perhaps also other requirements such as graphic card etc. Overall, make sure that you can meet the minimum system requirements.

If this is the case, then you can install the software. Open the software packaging and then you can reach for the CD or DVD. This can then be placed in the CD/DVD drive.

You may also want to take note of the software manual. The software manual will also provide some guidelines for installing the software. One thing that it may suggest is to, “close all open programs and background tasks, including virus scanners.” So, do make sure that any running software is closed before installation.

From here on, auto-run may or may not start. Most software will likely start the set-up procedure, but if not then you should select the DVD drive from Windows Explorer. From here, look for a set-up or install icon that you can select to install the software.

With the set-up procedure, you will then need to consider where you want to install the software. Select the folder that you want to add the software to, and you should also name a folder for the software. Use the software title for the name of the folder. Hereafter, you can select okay, or next, and the software will install.

Aside from DVD, software can also be downloaded. In which case, you will need to download the software to a folder. Then, select the folder that you downloaded to, and locate the set-up or install icon that will start the set-up procedure. From here on, the same guidelines apply, and you will need to agree to the license agreement.

So, that is how to install software on Windows Vista. Make sure you check the system requirements beforehand, that the OS is supported, and then follow the guidelines as suggested here.

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