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How to Hide anything in your Myspace Profile

The first step in keeping your Myspace profile hidden from unwanted eyes is to make sure your account privacy settings are set to private. This can be accomplished by signing onto your account, then clicking next to your uploaded picture, on the words “account settings”.

Account setting gives you several options regarding your Myspace safety and security. The most important, keeping your profile private to only the friends you have accepted, is to click on “privacy” and make your account viewable to “your friends” only. This means that anyone who has not been accepted by you personally to be listed on your page cannot view it unless you agree to accept them.

Under the same link, you want to click the link that won’t allow others to share your photos. If the link is not checked, anyone can click on a picture of yours, and save it to their computer to be used in any fashion they chose.

Another option that has been added to Myspace is what is referred to is “tagging”. What this means is if you have uploaded any photos of friends that also have a myspace page, you can tag their picture so when someone clicks on it – it will take them directly to your friend’s page. If you’re not sure whether your friends post personal information about themselves or you, then leave tagging alone. Also, tell your friends not to “tag” you on their pages.

Try not using your real name above the icon you load as the picture for your page. In fact, don’t use your picture at all – use something else. This keeps anyone from knowing who you are except your friends.

By clicking on each of the links at the top of the page under “account settings”, you will see the various options offered for your site. You can choose to not disclose your age, or city of residency, in fact, you can either leave the space blank or just write your State in if you wish.

Stay away from listing where you graduated from or what school you are now attending, do not list your employer’s name, places you go to frequently, and if you must upload personal pictures, make sure they don’t disclose background information that can give any of that information to others, such as house addresses or street signs.

If you’re interested in hiding some of the information that comes with most pre-built backgrounds for myspace, it is readily available on many sites. These options will allow you to hide your friend’s comments, pictures, and you can either delete or add additional headings as you wish. If you’re not sure which sites have this information, click on friend’s sites and you’ll get an idea of the places on the web they used to create their backgrounds or comments. Most background site creators have their name listed on the top left of everyone’s site – so you’ll know where they went to create it. Comments left on your page quite often reveal the name of the site where people obtained them, so you have several ideas of where to go to see which sites offer options that others don’t. Some sites even give you the information on how to “steal” a background from someone else, without having to search through pages of sites to find it on your own.

You can also use your search engine, or one such as Ask.com, to get information in a snap. Just type in a question regarding Myspace, and you’ll find hundreds of answers.

Although Tom, the moderator of Myspace, can only answer technical difficulties regarding your site, that does not mean you can’t use the help of your Myspace friends (or theirs) for page design questions. Post a bulletin asking for any or all types of help designing your page and you’ll be amazed at how many answers you’ll receive. Most Myspacers are happy to help newbies get started.

If you’d rather be in control of how your site looks, but aren’t familiar with HTML – the codes used to create websites – a fabulous book is available to you to learn the basics. We have all learned from these books, as the titles are quite familiar to us: “How to…….for Dummies”. After purchasing “How to create websites for Dummies”, I learned quite quickly how easy it was for me to add or delete items from my page, not to mention that I was able to learn myself how to create an entire page in under an hour – just by following their easy instructions.

Since Myspace has been the topic of many outraged parents regarding safety issues, use the precautions above and you can limit your or your teen’s online experience from becoming a dangerous one. Not everyone on Myspace is evil – but knowing there’s the possibility out there that a person with that characteristic could be lurking, every safety precaution should be utilized.

Make sure you never, ever send a comment or bulletin to others that lists any personal information about you. Comments and bulletins can be seen and forwarded to millions of people in a matter of hours. Anyone can type in a landline phone number on Google and bring up a map of the exact address where the phone number is from.

Keep your profile private with limited or no personal information available to the public so that only the friends you trust can be part of your world.

Myspace is like an open window – only you can be the one to shade it.

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