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How to get Local Showtimes with Yahoo

There is a lot you can do on the Yahoo! website. You can find maps or directions, information on current events, sports news, stock market changes, and even local movie times. If you’re thinking of seeing a movie, just click on Movies on the left hand side of the Yahoo.com page (or go to movies.yahoo.com).

On Yahoo!’s movie page, you’ll find all sorts of information about current movies and actors. To search for local showtimes, scroll down until you see the “Get Showtimes and Tickets” blue and white box on the right side of the page. (Currently, it’s right above “HD Trailers,” but that may change at some point.) Under where it says “Browse by Location,” enter your zip code or city and state and then either click on Go or press the Enter key. If you have a Yahoo! account and you’re already logged in, this box may be pre-filled with your zip code.

The Showtimes & Tickets page will load, showing you all of the movie theaters in your area, starting with the closest and branching out as you go down the page. This page can be helpful if you’re not familiar with some of the local theaters, because after the theater name you’ll find its address as well as other information about the building, such as whether or not its wheelchair-accessible, or if it will have listening devices for patrons who require them. For many theaters, you’ll also find the price of a standard adult ticket listed here.

Under each theater, you’ll see the different movies that are playing there along with the times. For some theaters, you’ll have the option to buy tickets online right from this page. (Just click on the Tickets link to the right of that listing.) You can also click on the movie name if you want to find out more about a movie than just its rating and runtime.

By default, when you search for showtimes, Yahoo! will display movies that are playing that particular day. If you want to see showtimes for a future date, such as the upcoming weekend, go to the drop-down box labeled “Date of show” which can be found right under the Showtimes & Tickets heading. Select the date you want from the list.

If you have a Yahoo! account, you can save specific theaters and filter the showtimes to just show those theaters. This feature can be helpful if you live in or near a major metropolitan theater, and each time you look for showtimes you have to scroll through all of the other theaters before you find the one or two you are looking for. To save a theater, just log in to your Yahoo! account and then next to that particular theater, click the “Save Theater” link. Once you’ve saved at least one theater, you can choose to view showtimes at “All Theaters” or at “Your Saved Theaters” by clicking the appropriate link under Showtimes & Tickets.

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