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How to get an Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 pre-orders have been temporarily postponed all over the world. However, this is not due to technical issues or shipment delays at all. In-fact, the iPhone 5 is currently regarded to be the most “bug free” iPhone launch that Apple has seen in a long time. The reason that iPhone 5 is currently seeing shipment delays is because of the hype and anticipation surrounding its release. Pre-orders are completely sold out. Not only that, according to a report from “PC Advisor”, the iPhone 5 pre-order supplies were astonishingly drained in just one hour, making the device one of the most highly anticipated in recent memory.

The iPhone 5 is currently aiming to be the most hi-tech handheld smartphone device in the crowded market today. Apple have pulled out all the stops to ensure that the iPhone 5 not only looks the part compared to their other mobile technology such as the critically acclaimed iPad, but they have also given the features of the phone a massive revamp.

While a similar size and shape to the iPhone 4S, the previous model, the iPhone 5 boasts a larger screen and a more slim line frame making it more portable-friendly and much more modern. The sleek, silver design falls into the recent “Apple design” concept in which everything, including the iPad, appears to be sleek and silver with the Apple logo on show on the reverse of the product. The iPhone 5 aims to be no exception. It looks to be the most modern and up-to-date in regards to the aesthetics department that Apple has released yet.

Many consumers are arguing that Apple has revisited the first Apple phone with the design due to the slightly larger screen. However, the iPhone 5 also brings the features of the phone up to date as well with all of the best features of the iPhone 4S, only with the added element of 4G.

Now, Apple is expected to be “caught up” with the supply and demand for the iPhone 5 sometime in early 2013. For those that order the phone today, expect around a two week shipping delay due to the record breaking pre0order sell-out.

As arguably the most highly anticipated smartphone that Apple has ever released, the company is obviously predicted to bring in a vast amount of profits as they continue to power their way to becoming the world’s first trillion dollar company. With that being said, it is safe to say that the Apple iPhone 5 is already nothing short of a raving success for the technology behemoths known as Apple.

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