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How to Follow and be followed on Twitter

There are many ways through which you can find lots of interesting people to follow on Twitter, depending on your interests and preferences.

You can begin by setting up your account with

Beep, a free tool similar to Google Alert, which will send you all the messages tweeted with the keywords that you have chosen. This way you can easily find the people you are looking for, and start following them.

You don’t need to wait for

Beep’s message in order to get this though. Just go to Twitter Search and type your keywords. You’ll then see a list of messages there, and this way, you’ll be able to choose the people you want to follow, based on the content of their messages.

Many times you’ll perceive that they just mentioned your keywords, but they are not really interested in this subject. You have to look for the people that are not simply mentioning your keywords without further interest, but find the users who will always be interested in your specific topic. These are the people you must follow!

Twit Seeker, another free tool, will help you discover people that use your keywords not only in their tweets but also in their biography. When someone uses your keywords in order to describe who they are or how they feel, this means that they are constantly looking for information concerning your basic topics. You should follow them without a doubt.

Often you might not understand at first if people you are following because they mentioned your keywords and they seemed to be interested in your topic, are really the people you were looking for…

When you decide to follow someone on Twitter, you should care about the content of their messages, because you’ll tend to read them when you open your own page.

If you don’t have time to look for the people you would like to follow, you can use many free tools that will help you with this task.

There are many automatic ways through which you can simply start following certain people and at the same time, be automatically followed by other people – not those that you are following, but the next group of followers in the list.

er Getter and

er Adder are two examples of the many free tools available for this automatic process.

This means that you can follow people that have nothing in common with you, and whose interests are totally different from yours. You can however unfollow them, if you feel that their messages are not helping you in any way.

You can even do so automatically by using Huitter, a tool that will allow you to stop following all the people that are not following you without having to do so manually. If you have too many followers, this possibility might be quite helpful. You can exclude the people you want to continue following from your list, even if they are not following you back, when you decide to unfollow all the people that are not following you; but many times this feature doesn’t work well, so you have to again follow the people you unfollowed but wanted to keep following, which is quite simple.

Go to their profiles and start following them again.

The basic intention one has on Twitter is not exactly to find people to follow, but to find people that will follow you back. Therefore, your intention should always be to find people that will care about following your tweets, the same way you follow theirs, especially if you are a business owner and you are using Twitter in order to promote your work.

Even if you are simply trying to meet interesting people, you probably want to be followed too, but this is not so simple, as you’ll notice when trying to follow people that should care about your posts, but are indifferent to your tweets and never follow you back.

Be patient and try following as many people as possible. Some of them will care about following you too, without a doubt. Then you can unfollow all the people that didn’t follow you, and organize your statistics.

Some people believe that you have a better image if you don’t follow so many people, while you are followed by many. Other people simply follow everyone that follows them, which can be done automatically using

Later, a free tool that not only allows you to post your messages in different periods of time so that your messages will reach all your followers, but also helps you organize your Twitter accounts.

At Twitter you can have multiple accounts, depending on your interests. Each new account must be connected with a different email address and password. You can get a new free email address using gmail, yahoo or any other email system, and then create a different Twitter account connected to your new email address.

You may for example have a business account through which you’ll promote your business and try to get many followers, posting useful articles and good offers, and at the same time have an account through which you’ll learn about gardening, because this is your hobby. In this case you won’t care about getting followers, but only about finding the right experts.

Go to Twitter Grader and discover the best professionals, listed at the top of each list, depending on the keywords you choose, since these are the users who constantly post interesting messages with many tips and helpful links, and start following them.

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