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How to Find the best Videos on Youtube

YouTube is home to a countless number of videos that have been made by individuals or companies for a wide variety of purposes. Some of them have been created for the sake of profit and revenue whereas others have been made simply for the sheer fun of creating them. When it comes to finding the best videos on YouTube, the best ones are often hidden behind an endless wall of terrible ones and therefore, finding the best ones can often prove to be a very difficult task to accomplish. However, there are many tips that can be used to your advantage that can in turn allow you to find the very best videos on YouTube and enjoy them to their fullest potential.

The first tip that can be used to your advantage when it comes to finding the best videos on YouTube is to know a specific subject that you wish to view. If for example you are looking for comedy videos, using a range of varying keywords that feature the word “comedy” can hold countless results. Use keywords such as “random comedy”, “funny comedy”, “pointless comedy”, “homemade comedy” and others in that trend and you will subsequently find many videos related to your search. The same thing goes for horror, films, games and so much more. The proper keywords and keyword variations can prove to help you find a treasure trove that contains everything you are looking for and more.

The second tip to finding the best videos on YouTube is to take a regular note of the homepage. The YouTube homepage often features a range of videos that are currently some of the most popular in the world. Using these links to your advantage can lead you to the best videos on YouTube. Click on any of these videos that may appeal to you and from there, you can then see the related videos which will also be in the most popular or best of lists on YouTube at the time. This trend applies for all areas of the site. If you view a great video that stands out to you as one of the best, use the related video links and you could potentially stumble upon some more that you would consider the best.

There are countless videos on YouTube that have been regarded as some of the biggest and best viral videos in the entire world. YouTube videos are now featured on television shows all over the world and can subsequently prove to give the creators access to online fame and subsequent fortune as a result. If you are interested in looking for the best videos on YouTube, use keywords and keyword variations to your advantage and always be sure to look at the most popular videos of the day on the YouTube homepage. YouTube is dedicated to bringing the very best online videos, but sometimes you have to use the proper search techniques and strategies in order to find the hidden gems in the midst of the rabble.

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