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How to Embed Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a powerful tool. While its obvious use for scheduling and keeping track of personal events makes it handy, its power to share events between a select few or with the world can make it indispensable. Collaboration is at the heart of Google’s Documents. Organizations not only can utilize this functionality internally, they can proactively incorporate Google Calendar directly on their own web page

The simplest, most direct, way to put Google Calendar to work is to simply create a calendar and embed the code Google provides for the calendar directly inside a web page. To do this, after a calendar has been created, choose calendar settings from the right hand side settings menu. Now select the calendars tab, then select the calendar for embedding. Notice there is a option for embedding the calendar with the code available in a text box to be copied and put directly inside a web page. There is also an option to help customize the colors, size, and other options.

While this the simplest and most direct way to put Google Calendar on a website, there are even more powerful options available. Google also provides an Calendar Data API which allows programmers even more flexibility in choosing the information and style desired for placing a calendar’s content on a web page. Understanding how Google’s Calendar Data API works is beyond the scope of this article, but its existence does provide more options.

For anyone who has chosen to use a popular content management system like Joomla or WordPress, knowing how to program Google’s Calendar Data API is unnecessary. These systems have long had plug ins available that already take advantage of the API. Tight integration into how a web site functions and looks can be entirely managed from the web site’s back end.

Here iare two plug ins available for integrating Google Calendar into Joomla and WordPress.

Joomla: GCalendar


This plug in not only provides the ability to integrate Google Calendars into a WordPress Site, it has several different widgets and ways of displaying the event content. Here style and content is directly tied to the design of the website, pulling the data in to used as it is seen fit.

Putting Google Calendar on a web site can make a lot of sense. Maybe a site is promoting a band or it is an organization, like a church, and new events are being scheduled all the time. Fortunately, making event information available is not a complex process with many options available to choose from.

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