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How to Create a Website

Creating your own website is a rewarding accomplishment, even if it is only a small one page personal site. A website of your own is an easy accomplishment in today’s online world. All the hassle has been taken out of it. Yet, frankly,with it’s lessened challenge, it has lost some of its appeal. This was not always the case. Once, in the early nineties getting online meant a nose to the grindstone accomplishment and precise detailing to correctness. This was often a stressful encounter with cantankerous little widgets. Yet, the payoff was your own words up there in all their glory.(And often you were the only one doing all the glorying in them. Getting search engines to notice you were almost impossible.)

Today, most service providers have available space for you to strut and portray you stuff and their guidelines are easy to follow. They often will allow you to enhance your website with html if you know how; or not, it’s your choice. However, what’s easy often isn’t what’s best. There are a few criteria one should follow when deciding whether or not to create a website. One of these, and the only one I am thinking worthy of mentioning, is need. Do you need a website? And too, with these freebies, you do not get your own domain name, you are an add on to the service provider’s name. Yet, for free, who really cares?

If you are selling items, a website will be useful, almost necessary in today’s world. If I were you I would consider the option and learn the basics and take it from there. A world of help is online for your use. If you are just curious and are fooling around and see the web as another toy to play around with, set your computer up to play games, don’t waste your time with a website. No one will bother with it anyway and you will have gained nothing but will have crowded further an overloaded system.

Yet if you are determined and do have a legitimate need for a website and the time to keep it active and up to date, by all means go for it. If, however, all you want to do is to write and pass on information, why not consider a blog. These are generally easier to construct and you will have the possibility of interaction with others. A website, in contrast is more service oriented and more advanced. (None of these however, compete with Helium that has it all rolled up into one easy to use site. yet a website of your own will allow you to share this good news.)

How then do you construct a website? You go online and simply type in websites and see what is available. Some few are free and many are not. Free is getting harder to find and most always now is for a month’s trial. Google, at my last check, has a free web site that is still in the beta stage and they promise you little. I fooled around with one a few months’s ago but found it too time consuming.

Whatever, you check around until you find what you are looking for and then you plan your website. This may take some time since you will want to make sure your reason for going to this trouble is worth the money and the expense.

For your information: homestead.com is a good first start. It is an old company and where once it was free it now only four dollars and ninety-nine cents a month. What’s free is a trial. Hey, check it out. You can start your own store, sell your manuscripts and generally make yourself known. There are others, but price wise, who can beat a website for less than five dollars a month.

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