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How to Create a Blog Site and Make Money Online

There are so many ways to create a website or a blog. Websites and blog sites nowadays are considered a trend. More people are taking this an opportunity to earn more online. Blog sites are used to display people’s thoughts and opinions, but now with all the tools available, you can also make money out of it.

It’s not that hard to create a website or a blog. There are thousands of tutorials online. There are also blog sites and websites that offer tips and tricks to create blogs easier. In this article, we’ll be learning the basics in creating a blog site and how to make money out of it.

Before we start, there are two ways in creating a website. You can host your own website and all the files you’re going to use or you can use shared services. If you want to host it on your own server, you should already have one and a domain (We will not cover domain and hosting details here, though). If you don’t have one but you want to have your own, you might consider getting a hosting package from popular hosting sites available such as GoDaddy.

If you don’t have budget to buy yourself a hosting package, you can always go with the shared option, that is for you to use blog services like Google Blogger, Wordpress.COM, livejournal, or tumblr. Either way, you can still earn. We will not talk about how to create a website using these services cause once you sign up at any of these, they will provide you instructions on how to do it. Most of the time you just need to have an account and they will take care of everything.

Now, if you have your own hosting, this is one of the easiest way you can create a blog site. We will be using the famous blog script, WordPress from WordPress.org. First, you need to download the script from their website. Extract the files on your server and run the configuration. Follow their detailed installation guide. After successfully creating the blog site, you can start posting content.

Next step is to monetize your blog and start earning. Get yourself a Google Adsense account and register your newly created blog site. It may take some time, just be patient. Once they start crawling your blog site, it’s getting there. Put ads on your site and place them in the right places of your blog. People really get annoyed with big ads or scattered ads. Just make sure you arrange the ads properly.

Continue posting content and you’ll find out you are starting to get traffic. Readers from all around the world will start visiting your blog which makes it possible for them to click on any of your ads. Once they do, you’ll start earning. Another thing, you have to monitor your statistics. You might also want to consider getting a Google Analytics account and use it to monitor your traffic.

So, that’s basically all you need to do to get a blog site and start earning money online.

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