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How to Convert Pdf Files to MS Word Format

Have you ever wished you could convert a PDF file to something you could edit? Of course you could do that if you had Adobe Acrobat or Scansoft or some other program you could purchase, but is there a way to do it without spending money for new software?

The answer is yes. An internet search will provide hundreds of options of programs for free or almost free. There are also several on-line services that will convert your PDF files to MS Word (and other formats) for free This article will give instructions for two of them Zamzar.com and pdftoword.com.

Keep in mind that there may be some parts of the PDF document that will not convert to MS Word as well as you might like and some features may not be editable in MS Word., but for the price, either of these sites will probably give you a very viable option.

To convert files at Zamzar, go to www.zamzar.com. There are four steps to converting a file:

1. Browse to the PDF file you would like to convert.

2. Choose the file format you would like to convert the file to. There are over 70 file formats you can choose from. Besides document formats, you can change files to image formats, music formats, video formats and more. For this exercise, choose DOC.

3. Type in the email address you would like the converted file sent to.

4. Click on Convert

You can convert more than one file at a time by repeating steps 1-3 before choosing 4.

You will be emailed a link where you can download your file to your computer. Zamzar will also want to sell you their upgrade version for a price, but you can stick with the free version.

PDF To Word by Nitro Software
To convert files at PDF To Word, go to www.pdftoword.com. Follow these steps to convert your file:

1. Browse to the PDF file you would like to convert..
2. Choose .doc or .rtf as your document type (.doc is an MS Word format, .rtf can be read by most text editor programs)
3. Enter an email address you would like converted files sent to.
4. Click Convert.

Your new file will be sent as an attachment to your email address. Nitro also makes a PDF to Excel and they also make PrimoPDF which will convert any file to a PDF file using a print-to-file method.

Either of these two services will do a fine job at converting PDF to MS Word format. Remember that formatting of a PDF document is not going to always be exact once that file is converted to MS Word, but these free solutions will give great results.

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