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How to Control a Computer with a Smartphone

Bluetooth has enabled more functionality to the smart-phone in many ways. One can use Bluetooth enabled headphones to listen to music through a device wirelessly. Another great feature is that of the ability to use your Bluetooth enabled phone to control your home computer or laptop. However, there is an easier way to control your setup with a very simple to use Graphical-User-Interface.

With ‘Signal’, an app available through the Apple App Store, you can remote control your iTunes library by pointing your Safari browser to “your-local-IP-address:3569” after installing the client to your Mac or PC. Although $24.95, you can download the free demo that has almost the same functionality. With the paid version: You can play, stop, or pause your music; move between songs in a play-list; adjust the volume; rate songs; see the current album art; browse and search your music library; add songs to the queue; and remove songs from queue.

If one needs to be able to control all aspects of one’s computer, ‘Jaadu VNC’ (also available through the App Store), is another viable option. At $24.99, this package has included: Screen View, Mouse Control, Keyboard Control, Unlimited Saved Servers, Ultra-High Resolution Support, Automated Setup, a service known as Jaadu Connect, and Dedicated Customer Support. If for some reason, you just need to be able to control your computer from across the room without ever loosing sight of it’s screen or monitor, another option is available: ‘Touchpad Elite’. At $0.99, you get everything that comes with Jaadu VNC except the on-screen feature.

‘Touchpad Elite’ works fine right away on the Mac after one turns on Apple Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing. However, on a Windows Machine, the user must install two main components: “TightVNC-Jaadu server” and “Jaadu VNC Connect”. These two add-ons allows your computer to connect via SSH to your mobile device (iPhone or iPod Touch).

Also, there are many other things that can be remote-controlled from the iPhone. Free apps from DirecTV and At&T allow a user to program their home DVR system. A $0.99 ‘Keynote Remote’ allows anyone to view keynote slides if one owns the iWork Suite. There is also an ‘XBOX Media Center’ app that allows one to manage the video, music, and photos stored on their XBOX console. Home automation apps like the $4.99 ‘iHome Remote’ for the Indigo server, to control the light’s and other electronics in one’s home from anywhere in the world.

With the new remote technology available to the iPhone and other smart-phones, what will they remote-control next?

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